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Two Fresh Designs

The first design of the year was inspired by James (boyfriend), he being British and all. So the first design is for a tea mug (coffee cup) that comes in two sizes.

This second variation was specifically for the tea infused tumbler...

The second design this year was inspired by our own reply to a Tweet, when someone inquired as to our day.
This design went through two rejections from CafePress. At first the thought was that it was because it had profanity in it...

But once "fucking" was taken out and resubmitted, it got put back into the pending folder, again due to violation of Content Usage Terms, with this design. Guess the subtle changes were just too subtle:

Seems it was because of the can (it was too obviously Campbell's/Andy Warhol). Sooooo...back to the "drawing board". In the end the design was this...and so far this hasn't been binned by CafePress...*fingers crossed*i:
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  1. Nice designs Frankie and interesting to hear how the design process evolved. Thanks, Jim :-)

  2. I do like the peaches and cyanide!Damn the man!! *kisses*